About Madeline Teele


Joining the music scene has never been easier, and as a result, standing out has never been harder.  But for Madeline Teele, the goal is not to merely stand out.  It is to shine.  And she definitely does. 

Wielding a voice powered by her ever-growing experience in performance, Madeline Teele has spent the past year winning listeners over across the country.  Backed by her rock-solid mentor and collaborator Evan Meisner (Lead Singer-Songwriter for Canadian Rock Outfit 'Gloryhound'), Teele has already formed a backing band, written, recorded and released three singles, and shot a video for each, all of which can now be seen and heard on YouTube. 

She turned sixteen this year.

Madeline was born with a will to perform, which she's been strengthening since the age of four, studying dance and music at her family's performance arts school (F.R.S.P.A), where she was essentially raised.  Now the school serves as her and her bands' base of operations, where they constantly write, rehearse, and record new material.  Teele has already recorded at Joel Plaskett's studio, New Scotland Yard in Dartmouth NS, and recently worked with producer Ben Kaplan & Evan Meisner at Fader Mountain Studios in Vancouver to make her first radio single, 'Carry Me Home.'